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During attacks, patients are in danger of becoming malnourished and dehydrated due to excessive fluid and nutrient loss through diarrhea

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She said there are only a few medications where she would actually prefer the brand name drug

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In the spirit of generating support for the upcoming Curren/Occy battle, I would just like to say that I hate all Australians

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Small outbreaks of “mad cow disease” have also occurred among people who reside near cement and chemical factories and in certain areas with volcanic soils (129).

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Nevertheless, synthetic drugs have a very numerous side-effects and couldn’t be tolerated by a greater part of people

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According to legal counsel, researchers concluded that thalidomide causes bilateral birth defects, such as two missing or shortened arms or hearing loss in both ears

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Entertainment exposures whether film, amusement parks, sporting events or large venues require different approach in risk management

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Osteopathic medicine is a unique form of American medical care that was started in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O

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Temporary banning orders enacted by the Government has recently resulted in the criminalisation of possession and supply of five keys substances, the main constituents to the majority of legal highs

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If there are convincing signs of cyanotic CHD then the child should be admitted to the NICU urgently