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The other drugs were Zofran, an antinausea drug, and Zosyn, an antibiotic.

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Do not take a larger dose, or take it more frequently, or take it for longer than the doctor has prescribed.

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Almost forty percent of people in the Guardian area are aged 50 .

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I know that schizophrenics and bipolars can be paranoid — so just imagine what could happen to a patient after seeing ads reinforcing negative side effects

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Contact lens cleaning and sterilizing solutions are not generally available in Belize, bring plenty with you.

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the improvements in NYHA FC versus placebo were statistically significant.[4,5,7,9] In contrast, "treatment

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I won’t say anything further, but I urge all blogorinos to consider contacting their representatives and Senators about this

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So utterly authentic was the Scottishness that I found myself muttering a line from that quintessential Scottish film Local Hero: “Strange times, Archie, strange times.”